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Founded in 1967, Tanglewood Homes Association (“THA”) was chartered as a legal entity for the benefit of the owners of all residential property within the Tanglewood subdivision. Primary functions of THA include maintenance of all common areas such as entrances and medians; collection of maintenance and service fees; administration of 24-hour neighborhood security patrol; enforcement of deed restrictions for the subdivision; and administration of private trash and garbage collection.The enforcement of deed restrictions is one of the most important functions of THA. Strict adherence to the restrictions by all property owners for each of the nineteen sections of Tanglewood is vital to maintaining the neighborhood’s quality.THA is governed by an elected board of directors composed of nine Tanglewood homeowners. The election for new directors is held at THA’s annual meeting in January. An annual report is presented at this meeting and board members and staff are available to answer questions. All property owners are invited and encouraged to attend.The THA office is located at:5757 Woodway, Suite 160
Houston, Texas 77057-1519Office Hours 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday – FridayPhone (713) 781-1642
Fax (713) 781-2223

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The office is staffed by the general manager and an administrative assistant. The office is closed on designated holidays. If the office is closed, you may leave a message on the answering machine; your call will be promptly returned during office hours.

Your assistance is needed to keep our records current. If you have new neighbors, please advise them to contact our office to obtain a copy of this guide plus Tanglewood decals to identify all automobiles owned by residents. Stickers with emergency phone numbers are also available through the THA office.

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If you are concerned about returning to an empty home after being out in the evening, you may call Tanglewood Patrol directly on the mobile phone (713) 628-9191 to request an escort into your home. The officer will meet you in front of your home at a specified time to make sure you get into your home safely. Please give enough advance notice so that the officer can be there at the appointed time. There may be a few minutes delay in arrival if the officer is responding to a call in another part of the subdivision.

Tanglewood Patrol Car – (713) 628-9191
Tanglewood Security Dispatcher – (713) 513-7700
Tanglewood Homes Association Office – (713) 781-1642
Garbage – (713) 787-9790

Contact the Tanglewood office if you need phone stickers listing emergency telephone numbers.


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