Frequently Asked Questions

Deed Restrictions

How many sets of plans are needed for approval?
One non-returnable set of plans is required. Two sets are required if an owner would like a set of plans returned showing THA’s approval.

What must be included in the plan submission?
A site plan showing the location of all structures, swimming pool (if applicable), HVAC units, generators and/or pool equipment, fencing, and driveway. The house and outbuilding (if applicable) setback lines should be shown on the site plan. Front, rear, and side elevations showing the height of all structures must be provided. The height of the house (38′ maximum), garage (20′ maximum if subject to outbuilding setback lines or 38′ maximum if subject to house setback lines), and chimneys (42′ maximum) should be shown on the elevations. The material and color for the house and roof must be shown on the plans. Although not required, floor plans are strongly encouraged for each floor.

Do I need to get approval from THA before applying for a building permit?
No. However you will be required to submit an affidavit attesting that you are in compliance with THA’s deed restrictions. Under no circumstances should a project be started before obtaining THA’s approval. THA has access to a daily listing from the City of Houston of all permits issued in Tanglewood. If approved plans are not on file, you will receive a call from THA to determine what work is being done on your house. In some cases, such as interior remodeling, THA approval is not required.

Do I need THA’s approval to replace a fence, HVAC unit, pool equipment, repaint and/or reroof my house?
Yes. You must obtain approval before starting the project. A site plan or survey showing the location of the HVAC unit and/or fence, drawn to scale, should be submitted. In the case of a fence, the fence material and height must be indicated.

What are the restrictions for fences?
The maximum fence height is eight feet (8′) measured from natural ground level to the highest point on the fence and/or column and includes ornamental column caps, cap rails, lighting fixtures, or decorative features. Most traditional fencing materials except chain link are permitted.

Do I need to complete a form to submit plans?
No, a separate form is not required for plan submission.

How long will the approval process take?
Typically, it takes ten days to process plans. It sometimes takes longer than ten days around designated holidays.

Are my house plans kept on file?
Yes. Although THA does not have plans for every house in Tanglewood, plans are available for most homes that have been built. Call the THA office for verification.

What are the permitted hours for construction and yard maintenance?
Outside construction is not permitted to start before 7:30 a.m. on weekdays and 9:00 a.m. on weekends and must end by sunset on weekdays and 6:00 p.m. on weekends.

Garbage Collection

Who picks up garbage in Tanglewood?
THA has a contract with VF Waste Services, (713) 787-9790 Email: support@vfwasteservices.com , to provide back-door garbage pickup in Tanglewood. Designated pickup times are shown on the website under Garbage Collection.

Is there a heavy trash pickup day?
Yes. See designated times under Garbage Collection on the website.

What happens when my garbage collection day falls on a holiday?
Your garbage will be picked up on the next day. For Tuesday and Friday pickups, garbage will be picked up on Wednesday and Saturday even though those days are not regular pickup days.


Where is the THA office located?
The THA office is located at 5757 Woodway, Suite 160, in the office building just east of the Augusta/Woodway intersection. The phone number is (713) 781-1642 and the fax number is (713) 781-2223. Office hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  View Map

What are the fees charged by THA?
An annual maintenance fee ($1350 for 2016) is due on or before January 31 of each year. A $100 transfer and/or refinance fee is charged for any closing involving a sale, refinance, or equity loan. A $250 fee is charged for a Resale Certificate if required by an earnest money contract.

How do I reach Tanglewood Patrol?
The Tanglewood Patrol dispatcher may be reached at (713) 513-7700 and the patrol car may be reached directly by calling (713) 628-9191. If the officer does not answer the mobile phone, the call will be forwarded to the dispatcher.

Is door-to-door solicitation permitted in Tanglewood?
Effective December 31, 2002, soliciting is not permitted in Tanglewood. Call Tanglewood Patrol if a solicitor comes to your door. The officer will check to see if the solicitor has a permit. The officer will ask the solicitor to leave if he/she has no permit. However, if the solicitor does have a permit, the police department regulations prevent an officer from enforcing deed restrictions. In that case, the officer will contact the THA office and THA personnel will ask the solicitor to leave if the infraction occurs during normal THA office hours. For after-hour violations, THA will write a letter to the vendor informing it that soliciting in Tanglewood is prohibited.

How many homes are in Tanglewood?
There are 1,220 residential lots in Tanglewood subject to maintenance fees.

Who represents Tanglewood on city council?
Tanglewood is in District G and is represented by Greg Travis, (832) 393-3007 Email: districtg@cityofhouston.net.

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