Garbage Collection

Tanglewood Garbage Collection


1. Household Garbage and Landscape Debris: All household garbage must be placed in plastic bags or in permanent-type containers with a maximum capacity of 45 gallons. Household garbage and up to eight (8) bags of landscape debris, will be picked up at one location at the rear of each owner’s premises. Since small trucks are used for back-door pickup, drivers must have access to the back of the house. Grass and leaves must be in bags strong enough to be picked up by the top of the bag. Neither individual plastic bags nor containers may exceed 35 pounds in weight.
2. Trash: Trash is defined as anything other than household garbage and bags of landscape debris. All other trash items must be placed by the curb of the owner’s premises. Tree limbs and branches must be cut in lengths not exceeding five feet (5′) and tied in small bundles; bundles may not weigh more than 35 pounds per bundle. Limbs and branches must be placed by the curb. All debris light enough to be dispersed by wind must be placed in bags. Trash does not include building materials, debris resulting from building or repair activities, motor oil, or hazardous chemicals.

Partially-full paint cans, chemicals, etc., may not be placed in your household garbage or trash. Call the City of Houston’s Service Helpline, 311, for disposal information.
Trash at the curb is picked up separately from household garbage and landscape debris. Actual pickup of trash may occur before or after the back door pickup. All trash should be placed at the curb no later than 7:00 a.m. on collection day.
Please ask your landscape service to leave bags of landscape debris next to the household garbage at the back door unless there are over eight (8) bags, in which case the bags must be left at the curb. THA pays V.F. Waste Services to pick up landscape debris at the back door, so please try to use this service. By doing so, unsightly bags will not be not be left at the curb for several days or over the weekend until they are picked up on the scheduled pickup day.

3. Pickup Schedule: For the area of Tanglewood bounded by Chimney Rock on the west; Post Oak on the east; Woodway on the north; and San Felipe on the south, pickup days will be Monday and Thursday with the large item pickup day being Thursday. For the remainder of Tanglewood, pickup days will be Tuesday and Friday, with the large item pickup day being Friday.

Hours of pickup are from 7 A.M. until 6 P.M.
Trash Collection Map and Estimated Pickup Times
The following holidays are observed by garbage and trash collection personnel: Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
If any of these holidays fall on:

Monday: Pickup will be Tuesday and Wednesday.
Tuesday: Pickup will be Monday and Wednesday.
Thursday: Pickup will be Wednesday and Friday.
Friday: Pickup will be Wednesday and Thursday.

4. Move-ins/outs and spring cleaning: Cardboard boxes will be picked up on any pickup day, when put by the curb as long as they do not exceed 35 pounds in weight.
5. Garbage pickup missed: If your garbage is missed on collection day, please call the THA office as soon as possible so we can schedule a special pickup. It is important that driveways are not blocked by vehicles and that gates be left open. If you choose to keep your gate locked, please place garbage outside the gate rather than at the curb. Access to your household garbage and landscape debris must be available no later than 7:00 a.m. on collection days. If access to garbage is habitually restricted on collection days, garbage collection personnel will not be asked to return to that house to collect the household garbage for that day.
6. Health and nuisances: Because of occasional stray dogs and cats and the prevalence of roaches and rodents in Houston area, please be sure all garbage cans are kept clean and tightly covered.


Trash WILL BE picked up on Labor Day. Therefore, trash service will be running on a normal schedule all week starting at 7:00 a.m. as usual. If there are any collection problems on Labor Day, please call (713)-787-9790.


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