Security Tips


The following procedures are recommended to homeowners by Tanglewood security personnel to aid in the prevention of burglaries and thefts:

1. Lower your garage doors during the daytime when all your cars are gone. An empty garage is an invitation to a burglar.
2. Keep your car keys in a secure place and never leave them in your car, even if it is in a locked garage.
3. Lock all doors and windows securely. Place a sturdy metal or wooden rod on the track of patio doors to prevent them from being opened even if the lock is “jimmied.”
4. Leave lights on at night if you plan to be away from your home. Lights on timers are helpful, especially when leaving town. When out of town, never leave outside lights burning during daylight hours.
5. Leave a radio playing to give the impression that someone is in your home.
6. Consider installing “call-forwarding” so that phones will be answered to create the appearance that your residence is occupied.
7. Secure expensive jewelry and firearms when leaving town. Notify the Tanglewood dispatcher and the neighbors on both sides of your residence that you will be gone. Otherwise, keep your absence confidential.
8. Consider installing a security system with motion detectors and glass breakage sensors. Only a small percentage of the burglaries occurring in Tanglewood are at homes protected with security systems. Displaying window decals indicating that a home is protected with a security system is one of the best deterrents against burglary. If you already have a residential alarm system, notify your alarm monitoring company to call Tanglewood Patrol mobile phone first (713-628-9191) in the case of an alarm. Our security service generally will be able to respond more quickly, and you will not be charged for false alarms. If you have an alarm system, remember to activate your perimeter alarm when you are in your home.

STOLEN BICYCLES – All Tanglewood residents should be vigilant to prevent the possibility of bicycles being stolen. Advise your children to put bicycles where they cannot be seen from the street, and ask them always to secure their bicycles with chain locks when possible. Preventive action is the best way to keep bicycles from being stolen.
ESCORT SERVICE FOR RESIDENTS – Any Tanglewood resident concerned about returning to an empty home after being out in the evening may call a Tanglewood security officer directly on the mobile phone in the patrol car to request an escort into his/her home. The officer will meet you in front of your home at a specified time and make sure you get into your home safely. Please give enough advance notice so that the officer can be there at the appointed time. There may be a few minutes delay in his arrival if he is rendering a similar service or answering a call in another part of the subdivision.
OUTDOOR LIGHTING IS BENEFICIAL FOR SECURITY PURPOSES – A well-lighted area is generally a deterrent to burglars. However, be aware that lighting can be annoying to your neighbors. Before installation, please visit with your neighbors, both on each side and behind, so that placement of any of your outdoor lights will not adversely affect anyone. “Moonlighting,” soft lights installed in trees, draws few complaints; however, large bright lights may be offensive to your neighbors.
TRAFFIC – Since Chimney Rock is a major north/south thoroughfare, heavy traffic may be experienced in Tanglewood during certain peak traffic periods. Please note that the speed limit on Chimney Rock is 30 miles per hour. THA has asked the Houston police, as well as our own security patrol, to enforce this speed limit to protect lives and property. The heavy traffic flow on Chimney Rock may mean that some residents need to consider alternate routes to the extent possible. THA will continue to work with the City of Houston to try to slow the traffic through Tanglewood to provide greater safety for residents. Be sure to come to a complete stop at all stop signs. Always drive safely!
TRENCHING - Periodically, drivers trench the Tanglewood Boulevard esplanade, subdivision entrances, common areas, and residents’ yards. A majority of the time, teenage drivers, including individuals living in Tanglewood, are the culprits. While this mischief is mostly a nuisance, it leaves scars that take away from the beauty of the neighborhood. Damage can be very expensive to repair. Tanglewood security officers will arrest and file such charges as the law permits against ANYONE caught trenching in Tanglewood.
SPECIAL SECURITY ALERT – Numerous robberies of individuals occur in the Galleria and surrounding area, including a few in Tanglewood. Residents have been followed home and robbed at gunpoint when they pulled into their driveway. These incidents have occurred during daylight hours as well as at night and have involved people returning from shopping areas, restaurants, country clubs, parking areas and neighborhood convenience stores. You are reminded to be alert for vehicles that might follow you home. If you feel you are being followed, do not go home. Drive to a well-lighted place where other people are present and call the Tanglewood patrol.

1. Don’t flash your affluence. Expensive jewelry and/or watches, a large roll of money, or an expensive car can be open invitations for the “follow home” robber.
2. Be alert in parking lots and when getting in your car. Before entering your car, check the back seat. Once inside your car, lock your doors. Always be aware of your surroundings.
3. Avoid being out on city streets and sidewalks late at night. Keep in mind that visibility is poor during darkness, and there aren’t many witnesses around. Don’t respond to even simple questions from strangers.
4. Be extra careful around convenience stores, pay phones, and automatic teller machines. There might be someone waiting for a victim at these facilities.
5. Comply with a robber’s demands. Never argue with a person holding a gun. Never try to play hero!
6. Be observant. Should you be confronted by an assailant, try to pay close attention to distinguishing physical features (scars, tattoos, complexion, etc.) including height, weight, age, race, hair color, length, etc.
7. Take extra precautions if you are a woman or are elderly. Robbers often prey on women and elderly people.
8. Consider the drug factor. Always comply with a gunman’s demands promptly. Lack of response may trigger a violent reaction, especially if the assailant is on drugs.

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