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NeighborTap – Application for Tanglewood Residents 


Tanglewood security officers are on duty 24 hours a day and can be reached by calling the dispatcher at (713) 513-7700 or by calling (713) 628-9191 which will connect you directly to the mobile phone in the Tanglewood patrol car. These numbers are solely for Tanglewood security. The number for the dispatcher is listed in the business white pages under Tanglewood Homes Security Office. In case of a police emergency, call Tanglewood security first, then call the Houston police (911). Off-duty City of Houston police officers work for the Tanglewood security patrol and are radio dispatched. The response time of Tanglewood security will almost always be quicker than that of the Houston police.
Our security officers respond to approximately 250 calls per month. Our crime rate is one of the lowest in the City of Houston, but crime is a continuing problem. Please remember that alert neighbors, noise, and lights are the best insurance against burglaries. If you see or hear anything that arouses your suspicion, please call Tanglewood security immediately. Calling the officer directly in the patrol car (713 628-9191) will greatly enhance the possibility of an apprehension.
Remember to call Tanglewood security first!

Calls to our security patrol are restricted at 713-628-9191 to those requiring an immediate response from a police officer. These calls would include reporting a crime in progress or a crime that has already occurred, reporting suspicious persons or vehicles, reporting solicitors in the neighborhood, or requesting a security escort. Also, when you are planning to be away from your home for a period of time, you should notify the Tanglewood dispatcher so that an officer can check your home periodically to make sure it is secure.
Provide information to the dispatcher in the following sequence:
    A. Nature of your call (e.g. out of town notices);
    B .Your address
    C. Your name
    D. Your telephone number
If your call also requires a response from the Houston police department, fire department, or if you require medical assistance, immediately call 911.
All other no security calls should be directed to the THA office, (713) 781- 1642.

Do not call Tanglewood security for any of the following: dead or stray animals, deed restriction violations, street light repair, trash collection, water main leak, common area sprinkler malfunction, or general information.

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