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 Tanglewood Deed Restrictions

Tanglewood is dependent upon its deed restrictions to maintain the integrity and quality of the neighborhood. The responsibility for enforcing these covenants is vested in THA. THA believes that strict enforcement of the deed restrictions will serve the best interests of all residents.

The board of directors feels it is appropriate to advise all residents that in reviewing plans for new construction, remodeling, or variance requests, the board observes the following policies:

1. Variances or exceptions will generally not be granted for new construction or remodeling except in very limited and minor instances, and

2. Violations of deed restrictions will be prosecuted by appropriate proceedings, which may include legal action in a court of law.

Your help and cooperation are needed to preserve the integrity of Tanglewood. If you should become aware of any violation of the deed restrictions, or have questions concerning them, you are encouraged to contact the THA office immediately.

REMINDER: A policy manual confirming certain policies relating to the interpretation and enforcement of the deed restrictions was adopted by the board on June 16, 1997. The policy manual was amended on March 1, 2008.  A tree policy and three miscellaneous provisions were added to the Policy Manual.  A tree survey and disposition plan now must be submitted to THA before razing an existing house on a lot.  If a lot is vacant, the tree survey and disposition plan must be submitted before new home construction or major remodeling is commenced. The policy manual and applicable deed restrictions should be reviewed before any construction plans are commenced. Prior to the start of any construction, whether a new home or improvement to an existing structure (including fences, satellite dishes, swimming pools, HVAC units, etc.), plans must be submitted to the THA office for review and approval by the Deed Restrictions Committee.  Please note that for all new home construction and major remodeling, the builder must execute a Builder’s Deposit Agreement before construction is commenced.

In addition, on December 31, 2002, an amendment to Tanglewood deed restrictions became effective. One major change is that exterior building and roofing materials and the color(s) of paint or color impregnation proposed to be used on the exterior of a home or any other improvement now must be approved. Building or roofing materials must be compatible with the predominant types of building materials used on homes and improvements in Tanglewood. Colors must be those traditionally used on homes in Tanglewood. White roofing material is prohibited. A user friendly approval process has been implemented for routine repainting or reroofing of an existing home. You may call, fax, or e-mail the THA office with the color and/or roofing material and color to request approval. An approval form will be mailed to you by the THA office.

All residents should keep their yards mowed and edged at all times. If you plan to be away, please arrange for your yard to be maintained. Your neighbors will appreciate it, and you will be doing your part to keep Tanglewood beautiful. For your own protection and that of others, please keep your yard looking neat. Even if you are selling or remodeling your residence and are not in occupancy, you are still obligated to maintain your property.

If you own a vacant lot, the deed restrictions require that your lot be mowed and kept free of trash and debris. THA will mow any vacant lot that is not properly maintained and bill the owner for this service.

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